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Hammer Throw

Hammer throw is a modern day Olympic track and field event where athletes hurl a steel ball attached to a wire.

An Overview of Hammer Throw

Both current men's and women's hammers consist of a metal ball (normally stainless steel, steel, or brass) attached to a thin wire using a swivel. A handle is attached to the other end of the wire. See the photo above to get a better idea of what it looks like.

Hammer throwers grab the 'hammer' with both hands, with their dominant hand on top of their other hand. After swinging the hammer around their head a few times to gain momentum, throwers will then execute three or four turns through the circle before releasing the hammer into the field.


Men's Hammer

  • Weight: 7.26-kilograms / 16-pounds
  • Length: 121.5-centimeters / 3-feet 11.75-inches

Women's Hammer

  • Weight: 4-kilograms / 8.8-pounds
  • Length: 119.5-centimeters / 3-feet 11-inches

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National Governing Bodies

British Athletics

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England Athletics

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