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Taekwon-Do for Beginners | Droitwich

Address: Physique Fitness Droitwich
Physique Fitness Unit 2 West Bank, Berry Hill Industrial Estate

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Sally Gleaves

Taekwon-Do for Beginners | Droitwich

Every lesson you participate in will be different, however some of the aspects we train in are:

Patterns (Tul): Known as Kata in Karate and Forms in most Chinese arts, patterns are a set of attacking and defensive movements against imaginary opponents. This is the aspect in which the "Art" side of Taekwon-Do is shown.

Fitness: Every lesson will have some aspect of fitness work in, mainly cardio work. Martial arts is guaranteed way to lose weight and tone up faster than ever.

Sparring: This is considered the sport side of Taekwon-Do although it is an art in itself. Sparring is practiced under controlled conditions with full safety equipment. We also offer all students the opportunity to test and hone their skills in tournaments (both national and international), many of which are offered to our students throughout the year. Worcester Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing are very successful on the tournament circuit, boasting many numbers of British, European and World Champions.

Traditional Movements: Since Taekwon-Do is a Military Martial Art, the traditional moves are practiced in line work, we use this method to teach students how to create maximum power from their techniques.

Padwork: Using strike shields, focus pads and Thai pads, we practice both sparring and traditional techniques to enable to student to bring out maximum power and speed in their movements, without the risk of hurting each other.

Self-Defence: We also teach close quarters self-defence to do with grappling and groundwork. For ladies, personal safety, self-defence, defence from hair and bag grabs and rape defence is also taught.

What to Bring / Equipment

Water bottle and wear sports style clothing

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