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The National Governing Body is Table Tennis England.

Table tennis is an Olympic sport where two for four players hit a ball with paddles back and forth to each other on a table which is divided with a net. Players must allow a ball played towards them only one bounce on their side of the table and must return it so that it bounces on the opponent's side. It demands lightening fast reactions! The sport is played for fund and competitively across the world. There are opportunities to play in clubs, sports venues and youth centres across the country.

The basics of the game have not changed in essence over the years although the ITTF have always tried to ensure the game remains a contest of human skills rather than reliant on new technological developments.

Level the Table Grant

Level the Table Grant

£250 to £2,500

1:00am - Mon 31st January, 2022

Table Tennis England’s new Level the Table Grant Scheme, which offers support to organisations creating opportunities for people to participate in table tennis.

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