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Making Equals Training

As part of the Breaking Boundaries project, the Making Equals training has been designed and delivered by Sporting Equals, for organisations and their young people who engage with communities in Edgbaston and Sparkbrook.

TBC - Edgbaston / Sparkbrook, B5 7QU
Jevaughni Robinson / / 07471032492

Making Equals Training

Leadership training for young people from the ages of 14+ to be able to deliver activities in their community, to encourage community cohesion and increase opportunities for sport and physical activity.

About Breaking Boundaries:

Breaking Boundaries is a three-year project (2018 – 2021) bringing together young people, their families and communities through regular engagement in cricket: playing, spectating and volunteering. The project will use the spark of the 2019 World Cup, to make the most of cricket's potential to bring different ethnic and faith communities closer together into one cricket inspired community and foster mutual respect and friendships.

The project aims to:

  • Promote local ownership – training/empowering young people to facilitate interaction and reinforce attitudinal change; supported by community-rooted organisations to build local identity.
  • Challenge limiting perceptions, attitudes and behaviours – working with communities to break down myths, stereotypes, prejudices and perceptions through social interaction and dialogue.
  • Build common cause - facilitating meaningful interaction which will encourage a sense of belonging; focusing on what local people have in common to build mutual trust and empathy of their differences.
  • Use cricket as the catalyst – using formats and events which bring the community together


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If you are new to the Breaking Boundaries project, please call or email Jevaughni Robinson before booking on.

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