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IZB Regional Schools and Colleges Finals

IZB: Played in teams of 4 on a basketball court split tot 3 zones. 2 players using sports wheelchairs play in the central zone and 1ambulant or non-disabled player per wing zone.

Queen Alexander College,, Court Oak Road,, Harborne, Birmingham, West Midlands, B17 9TG

IZB Regional Schools and Colleges Finals

Schools and Colleges across the UK are now able to enter teams for the 2019 Regional IZB Regional Qualifier Competitions.

IZB (Inclusive Zone Basketball) brings to schools and colleges the opportunity to introduce a truly inclusive sport to their physical education provision.

The competition is open to all secondary schools and colleges within the identified regions. Squad size must be between 5-10 players of mixed gender and any age between 11-18. A minimum of one player must have a lower limb impairment.

Junior Player: If you are a BWB Junior Player and would like to make your secondary school or College aware of Inclusive Zone Basketball - please let us know. We can help provide posters and information on the sport, plus we can help facilitate links between your school and local wheelchair basketball clubs.

For more information and to book contact office@britishwheelchairbasketball.co.uk or 01509 279900

Supporting Documents:

west-midlands-regional-finals-flyer2.pdf (PDF, 905.7 Kb)