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Summary: Asda foundation has 5 streams of funding available.

About ASDA Foundation

Asda foundation has 5 streams of funding available which are outlined below.

For the public

Green Token Giving

This programme allows you to nominate a charity or good cause in your local community, and who better to choose local causes than the people who live in the area around our stores?

For charities

Significant local community projects

This programme allows charities and good causes to nominate initiatives which will make a real long term difference, benefiting the wider community with our vision to 'Transform Communities, improving lives locally.

For charities

Top-up funding grants

If the Community Champion at your local store is supporting you with your fundraising the Foundation can also make a contribution to 'top up' what has been raised locally.

For Asda Colleagues

Colleague hardship fund

Supporting Colleagues and immediate Family members who find themselves in significant financial hardship.

For the public

Local Impact Grants

The Local Impact fund is to support those smaller local initiatives to help you support your community.

Check on the Asda Foundation website to see if you are eligible for a grant.

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