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Invitation to quote: APT Board evaluation

To carry out an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of Active Partners Trust’s board to set APT’s purpose and organisational priorities and to oversee and support delivery.

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Margaret Blount
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About Invitation to quote: APT Board evaluation

Project Specifications, Outputs and Timescales

The overall aims of the work are to:

To carry out an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of Active Partners Trust's board to set APT's purpose and organisational priorities and to oversee delivery. The evaluation should review the performance of the board, its committees (Active Derbyshire panel, Active Notts panel and audit committee) and skills and knowledge of individual trustees.

Elements to be reviewed:

• how the overall governance (Board and Panels) work and the tone set by the leadership.

• key relationships, particularly the chair, vice-chair, chief executive, head of operations, Panel chairs, strategic directors and board trustees.

• the effectiveness of individual board trustees; the mix of skills, experience, knowledge and diversity of the board, in the context of the challenges facing APT;

• the clarity of leadership re. the strategic goals and values of APT;

• succession and development plans;

• the effectiveness of board committees and how their work connects to the main board;

• the quality of the general information provided on APT and its performance;

• the quality of papers and presentations to the board;

• the quality of discussions on agenda items;

• the process the chair uses to ensure sufficient debate for major decisions or contentious issues;

• the clarity of the decision-making process and use of delegated responsibilities and functions;

• the processes for identifying and reviewing risks. Consultation to take place with:

• All board trustees;

• At least 2 members of the Active Notts and Active Derbyshire Panels who are board trustees;

• At least 1 member of the Audit committee who is not a board trustee;

• Five members of the APT senior management team.

• Observation of at least 1 Board meeting, 1 AN Panel meeting, 1 AD Panel meeting and 1 audit committee meeting Outcomes: A verbal and written report presented at a board meeting which details the findings of the review including:

• what is working well/board strengths/good practice

• what is not working as well/board weaknesses/poor practice

• areas where improvements should/can be made and potential actions to make these improvements (i.e. draft improvement plan).

To view the full brief please see attached.

Proposals should be submitted by 11.30pm on 7 March 2021 via email to Margaret Blount at Interviews, if required, will take place virtually from a selected shortlist and notification will be sent out to all by email. The provisional interview date is 16 March. The successful applicant will be expected to start by 29 March 2021 and present their final report by 30September 2021 at the latest.

Supporting Documents:

mb-external-board-evaluation-brief.pdf (PDF, 424.1 Kb)

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