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Volunteer with Roundhouse & Play a Present Part in Birmingham's History!

Roundhouse Birmingham is to be a curvy new destination opening in the spring of 2020 and will be a lively base for city exploration and adventure! Roundhouse will be delivering a full programme of events and tours, by foot, by bike and by boat! And are looking to fill their team of Volunteers with smiley, enthusiastic people eager to share their passion and get involved within the City of Birmingham and it's history. There are all sorts of roles up for grabs, so please take a look and see what takes your fancy!

Volunteer with Roundhouse & Play a Present Part in Birmingham's History!

The Roundhouse Birmingham is a joint venture between the National Trust and Canal and River Trust.

It will be a lively base for city exploration and adventure; Housing a Visitors Centre, an Exhibition space, office spaces and a Café, along with a full programme of events and tours delivered by foot, bike and boat, exploring Birmingham's vibrant history.

Roundhouse are looking to recruit for a range of ongoing volunteering opportunities from Active Outdoor Tour Guides to Digital Social Media and Photography staff. If unsure of what role you'd like to take up as a volunteer, but know your after a new venture, there's no doubt there's something here for you!

Whether you are looking to boost your confidence, gain some experiences, meet new friends or to give back, Roundhouse would love to have you on board.

With plenty to gain from this opportunity, read on to see what you can expect from being a Roundhouse Volunteer.

Volunteers will:

  • Receive full training by committing to their training programme - Providing you with the tools you need to reach your full potential within your role.
  • Develop and deliver innovative tours - Throughout the Roundhouse making each tour your own.
  • Join a dedicated team of friendly volunteers and staff - Who make Roundhouse Birmingham a great place to be involved in.
  • Be one of the first - You will be a part of one of the first Volunteer Cohorts for the Roundhouse, providing you with the chance to shape how visitors will interact and enjoy the experiences and activities we will be providing.
  • Enjoy flexible Volunteering - Roundhouse will do their best to fit training, tours and activities around your schedule and life events.
  • Your travel costs covered - Between your home and the Roundhouse

Roles Available:

Active Outdoor Volunteer Guide

As an Active Outdoor Volunteer Guide you will support the team in delivering fun kayak and cycling tours around the cityscape. If you're the adventurous type and love to be outdoors, this is perfect for you. You'll be instrumental in helping the team not only with delivery but also encouraging people to engage with the outdoors and enjoy discovering the beautiful parts of the city.

Roundhouse Volunteer Tour Guide

If you are naturally curious, creative and have a drive to share in some hidden history, then this role was made for you. Whether through the historic Roundhouse building itself, the winding streets of Birmingham or along the beautiful canals, you can deliver and develop your own tours, creating unique, engaging and authentic story-telling experiences. You will be fully supported and encouraged to grow as a guide, being aided in showing off the city and helping visitors 'see the city differently'.

Volunteer Welcoming and Events Supporter

If you are looking to bring people together and create a welcoming and inclusive environment within whatever role you do, then being at the forefront of Roundhouse Birmingham, showing visitors all the things being done is where we think you'll want to be. Your role will include assisting the production of Roundhouse events and workshops within and offsite and ensuring they run smoothly. You will be welcoming visitors to the unique building and sharing in it's rich history as visitors enter the property, ensuring they have an enjoyable and memorable experience.


We're looking to work with bold and imaginative individuals who will bring their own creative spin to sharing the exciting things which will be happening at the Roundhouse. You will be capturing our outdoor activities, guided tours and events in action, so if you're looking to develop your own skills or to explore a different creative avenue then this may be for you. A camera will be provided and support and guidance given to what special moments will need to be captured.

Digital & Social Media Support

Fancy yourself a whiz on social media? With the growth of our online presence, our digital and social media supporters will assist Roundhouse staff in creating and posting exciting content to share all over our website and social media platforms. We want volunteers to aid us in building anticipation and excitement for our events and activities, always keeping our followers and prospective visitors in the loop!

You can expect things to be kicking off from:

  • Feb/March 2020 - For training to begin
  • May/June 2020 - The Roundhouse Birmingham will open and your roles will commence


General Volunteer

Roles include:

- Active Outdoor Guide
- Roundhouse Guide
- Welcoming and Events Supporter
- Photographer
- Digital & Social Media Support

Please see above for more details or contact us directly.

Sat, 01 Feb 2020
Application Deadline
Age Restrictions

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